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Welcome to the new benchmark for waterfront living in the tranquil haven of Port Vincent, a vibrant yet peaceful coastal community.


Dockside Port Vincent is set to reach new heights for the landmark Vincent Landing Marina in Port Vincent, South Australia. The Lillis Group is looking to develop the commercial land at Lot 1 Marina Drive with a waterfront apartment and commercial complex set over five levels overlooking the marina and Gulf St Vincent. Dockside Port Vincent has been architecturally designed by Studio Nine Architects and sets a new benchmark for Yorke Peninsula, with 52 waterfront apartments and commercial tenancies.  A second project is for nine floating homes and a floating café on E-Row, near the end of Breakwater Drive, creating a unique accommodation offering for the region.  A third project is for two groups of three waterfront townhouses on Lots 3 and 30 Marina Drive as well as a hillside grouping of 2 townhouses on lots 85 and 86 Marina Drive.  It is hoped that these developments will be a catalyst to help build and drive the economy for Port Vincent and contribute to the long-term economic growth of the region.  ​Please note that any information supplied at this stage is for public notice and expressions of interest. We are anticipating achieving Development Approval with an onsite start in the fourth quarter of 2022. 


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